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Quote1.png I'm not a true Inhuman -- I'm a mutant -- Different. They'll never fully accept me ... Quote2.png

Appearing in "Panic in New York!"

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  • Kree Space Ships

Synopsis for "Panic in New York!"

In an attempt to contact the Fantastic Four, the Royal Family journeys to New York City to try to determine what is causing deadly quakes in Attlan. In the interim, the Kree send their agent Shatterstar to capture the Inhumans who were the Kree's previous genetic experiment. The dissident Falzon strongly objects to the Kree's decision to capture the Inhumans and travels to Earth is a space ship to warn the Royal Family in New York. Chaos erupts as Falzon crashes his ship in New York City while being pursued by Shatterstar. When the Inhumans determine that Falzon is trying to save them from capture, they begin their attack on the belligerent Shatterstar. Unfortunately they soon fall to the power of the Kree warrior. Shatterstar stands posed to execute Falzon for his treachery. To Be Continued


  • This issue contains a letters page, Black Bolt's Bulletins. Letters are published from Ralph Macchio, Bob Allen, Richard Rubenstein, and Peter B. Gills.
  • This issue also contains a Series "B" Marvel Value Stamp: B-36: The Amazing Spider-Man.


  • The letters page indicates that Issues Vol 1 1 and Vol 1 2 of this series were originally plotted as a 40 page Giant-Size issue. As Giant-Size issues were discontinued before their publication, the story was re-formatted into two issues of 18 page stories.

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