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Appearing in "The Doom Called Shatterstar!"

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  • Shatterstar's Skycraft

Synopsis for "The Doom Called Shatterstar!"

While the Inhuman Royal Family battles Shatterstar, Black Bolt and Karnak make their way aboard his ship and take control of the weapons systems. Black Bolt fires upon him, causing Falzon to rush to Shatterstar’s side; Falzon reveals that Shatterstar is actually his son Arides. Shortly after Arides’ birth, he was taken to become part of the Supreme Intelligence’s forces. Falzon and his wife were recruited into a government program attempting to make a Kree super soldier, but were horrified to discover that the child selected was their son. Falzon recounts how Arides was bombarded with light for twenty years until he became the fearsome Shatterstar.

Becoming disillusioned with the Kree leadership, Falzon and Murius decide to flee with Arides to the frontier world of Malador, but Arides betrays them. They fled, but were followed by government forces; Falzon surrendered, but Murius fled and was killed. A distraught Falzon was re-educated, and reintegrated into Kree society. The Royal Family agrees to take Shatterstar to the Refuge to be healed, but on their approach, they see Iridia shot down trying to get to them. Landing, they find that Maximus is in league with Shatterstar, and has taken over the Great Refuge.


  • This issue contains a lettes page, Black Bolt's Bulletins. Letters are published from Kevin Funk, Bruce Canwell, Larry Dean, and Mark Berman.


  • No Value Stamp is given in this issue. But, one will be presented next issue.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#JV-288.

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