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Quote1.png Aireo, you will chain my beloved brother to the pillars now! I wish to see him squirm... Quote2.png
Maximus the Mad

Appearing in "Voices from a Galaxy's End"

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  • Mirror of Eternity


Synopsis for "Voices from a Galaxy's End"

The Inhuman Royal Family lands in the Great Refuge, discovering that Maximus has taken Crystal and Quicksilver prisoner and is working with Shatterstar. Black Bolt surrenders rather than allow anyone to be harmed, but Lockjaw teleports Triton and Karnak away, who then meet up with the Iridia and the remaining free Inhumans. Black Bolt is left hanging from chains without food and water, and the free Inhumans make their move. As Karnak frees the Royal Family, Triton leads Shatterstar to the Mirror of Eternity, which reflects his blasts back at him, killing him.

Unaware of this, Black Bolt breaks and screams.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Black Bolt's Bulletins. Letters are published from Dale Araki, Mark Caldwell and K.J. Robbin,

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