Inkandessa 3 was the third of a four-planet system, and also the third home of the race predecessor to the Light-Forms after they had destroyed the ecosystem of their first two planets, Inkadessa 1 and 2. Unfortunately, Inkandessa 3 suffered of a similar fate, and the planet became a polluted wasteland where acid rain constantly poured down from the sky.

Before the planet became uninhabitable, Count Crankshaft found a way to almost entirely eliminate the carbon footprint of his people, building the Great Machine which housed a mighty photonic matrix. 99% of the population used his transfer facilities to scan their essence into Holo-Pods, and create a duplicate of themselves made of solid light, known as Light-Forms. The Light-Forms were then reconstituted on Inkandessa 4. The remaining 1% became known as the Meat-Forms, a small population that kept the Great Machine running.

Inkandessa 3 was briefly visited by the Silver Sufer and his companion Dawn Greenwood, who had been driven off Inkandessa 1 and 2 by their desolate state. Having observed a similar panorama in Inkandessa 3, they quickly moved on to Inkandessa 4.[1]

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