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Innocents of God
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Timothy (Last name unknown)
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The innocents of God were a cult formed by the self-proclaimed "prophet of God," Jeremiah. The cult was made up of impressionable young people seeking knowledge and direction. What they found instead was a power-hungry mutant, who used their own mental energies to fuel his own powers. Also, believing that they were worshiping God, they were really carrying out pagan rites for a race of demons living in another dimension. Jeremiah used his powers to keep the Innocents in a hypnotic trance-like state and they would do anything he commanded of them. When Jeremiah found himself fighting against the Human Torch, his followers even tried to obey his command to walk into a wall of flame, causing the Human Torch to relent in his attack. Eventually Jeremiah was stopped through the combined efforts of the Human Torch and Doctor Strange. Once out of contact with Jeremiah, the other cultists were freed of his influence[1].

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