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Inquisitor worked for the Madripoor crimeboss, Roche. When Wolverine was captured, he was sent to the Inquisitor to reveal information about Tyger Tiger. The Inquisitor held him for a 14 hour period, but did not reveal anything before the Wolverine managed to escape.[1] He was later summoned to torture O'Donnell, whom Wolverine and Tyger tried to rescue. Before they could escape, the Inquisitor ambushed Tyger but was brutally beaten and fled.[2]

Inquisitor was hired alongside Emmy Doolin and Cutthroat by Norman Osborn to break out Moses Magnum in an attempt to give some good publicity for Daken.[3] He next sent Daken to "capture" the group, but they beat him to a pulp. After some negotiation Osborn promised that Moses and his team would be cleared of all charges and released with new identities if they turned themselves in. However, his true plan was to send Daken into kill them on live television.[4] Daken revealed to them Osborn was lying but Osborn had the building blown up and the team was blamed. Daken then tracked down Doolin, Inquisitor, and Cutthroat and slew Inquisitor and Cutthroat.[5]



None, human.


Skilled torturer and knowledgeable on sources of pain



Whip, blades, tools that crush, poker that he heated

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