Inspector Flint was assigned the case of Tony Stark's disappearance. Flint met with Stark's employees Harold Hogan and Virginia Potts, who had suspected that Iron Man (who was actually Stark's alter-ego) was involved in Stark's absence.

When Flint and his men arrived to Stark Industries, they entered Stark's office, and caught Iron Man retrieving items from a safe. The Golden Avenger managed to clear up his intentions when he pointed out that the safe hadn't been forced, so he had permission to use it. Inspector Flint was then given a note written by Iron Man to justify the absence of his civilian identity. However, once the letter was analysed, no fingerprints were found at all (because Stark was wearing the armor's gloves), leading Flint to suspect of the letter's authorship. When Iron Man decided to flee, the officers fired at him, but Flint demanded them to stop because he hadn't been found guilty of anything yet.[1]

A month after Stark's "disappearance," Inspector Fint approached Potts and Hogan again to interrogate them about Iron Man, and they gladly helped him. After Stark was found alive but he seemingly died from a mysterious energy ray from the sky which blasted his mansion, the investigation was passed on to the government, and Flint was relieved from the case.[2]

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