A small device that can be incorporated in the left gauntlet of Doctor Doom's Armor, it disrupts the sense of balance of an organic victim at close range[1] by means of a high-frequency pulse homing in on that person's ear.[2] Doom is immune to the effect.[1] Robots and androids are also immune to this item,[2] but pilots of mechanic devices are not.[3] Besides, Doom is required to manually open a hatch on his gauntlet before using it.[1][3]

Doctor Doom used it once successfully against The Thing.[1] Since then, he keeps a unit of the impulser at hand (no pun intended) and, if required, his technicians can attach it to his gauntlet in a few minutes.[2]

Doom used the device again later while attacking the Hydrobase, an oceanographic station inhabited by mutated humans who had been captured by Attuma and his allies, some of whom rode huge war machines called Octo-Meks. Doom was intercepted by two Octo-Meks, who halted him. Doom reacted by using the Impulser against them and forced each tank to charge against the other, obliterating both of them while Doom was protected in his force field.[3]

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