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David Haller entering the I.B.S.S.

Becoming genuinely concerned the mutants will destroy the world, Marcus Glove began gathering specialists from dozens of scientific disciplines and organized the Institute of Bio-Social Studies headquarters in San Francisco. The I.B.S.S. became a charitable organization founding research, a hospital, public relations, and developing a pharmaceutical mutant cure called X-Cise. It is also home to the Center for Eco-cultural Studies and Darwin's Martyrs [1]

Darwin's Martyrs provides aid to victims caught in the crossfire of mutant conflicts, through such things as prosthesis, physical therapy and consoling. In truth these people were brain dead patients taken from various mental wards and brought to the center for various propaganda purposes. [2]

It is now defunct. [3]


Marcus Glove, Nina Ambrose, Matteo


Has been linked to a extremist group called the Church of the Happy Host

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