Intelligencia was created by a cabal of Skrull scientists to rule them just as the Supreme Intelligence ruled the Kree. Since mobilizing her minion Super Skrull to kidnap Kelly Kooliq due to her status as a walking nexus of all realities she has not been seen again.


The Intelligentsia is an organic computer that houses the knowledge and information of the Skrull Empire's greatest leaders, empresses, scientists, tacticians in the whole of their history. She was created to act as the Skrull counterpart to the Kree Supreme Intelligence and possesses a vast intellect and is able to calculate the exact probabilities of events and develop advanced technology.[1]


She is immobile and is unable to move outside her apparatus.[1]


As the ruler of Planet Skrell, she commands vast Skrull legions and has control over the planet's defense systems.[1]

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