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Quote1 We called it the Council. I called brothers. And what was the great work we would do? Together, we would solve everything. Quote2
Reed Richards of Earth-98570[src]

The Interdimensional Council of Reeds is an organization composed of multiversal counterparts of Reed Richards, specifically those who developed interdimensional portal tech called the Bridge.[2] They gathered together to "solve everything," but members had to leave their families to join. The Council was founded by a trio of Infinity Gauntlet–wielding Reeds: Reed-12498, Reed-98570, and Reed-99107.[3][4]

The Council was annihilated by the Mad Celestials.[5] On the other hand, Reed-616 and his family, whom he had refused to abandon, were able to defeat the Mad Celestials with particular help from a future version of his son.[6] Eventually, a new version of the Council was formed that embraced family and bonds instead of discarding them.[7]



In 1956, Nathaniel Richards, the father of Reed Richards, got into an accident with Nikola Tesla while working for the Brotherhood of the Shield.[8] He and his multiversal counterparts were flung 600,000 years into the future and gained the ability to navigate through time. Due to this massive temporal disturbance, Immortus ordered them to kill each other until one remained, as only one would be tolerated.[9]

Deprived of a father, the sons of the infinite Nathaniels became isolated individuals.[10] They used their amazing intelligence to make the world a better place but with far less care to become a part of the world as a social participant.[11] As the sons grew up, one by one they built bridges into the nothingness between universes and slipped away.[12] Some Reeds held resentment towards their fathers and took his leaving as a "lesson" they learned very well.[13]


Interdimensional Council of Reeds (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 570 0002

The three founders

The Council was founded by Reed-12498, Reed-98570, and Reed-99107, three versions of Reed Richards who had each acquired their universes' Infinity Gauntlet and found each other via the Bridge.[4] Deciding to "solve everything," they built a hall in the space between universes, from which they could access all universes, and they began working with their counterparts to make the Multiverse a better place: averting scientific disasters, terraforming whole empty planets to feed universes plagued with famine, and stopping harsh parallel versions of menaces such as Galactus and Doctor Doom. However, the cost of the work was that each Reed had to give up his world for the sake of the Multiverse. Each man left his world behind, becoming a multiversal science-soldier and being forgotten in turn by those he had called friend.[3]

Solve Everything[]

Earth-2012 from Fantastic Four Vol 1 571 001

Killing a Galactus before breakfast

After Reed Richards of Earth-616 built the Bridge, he was contacted by the Council.[2] After a few days, Reed activated the Bridge again and the Council sent Reed-4280, Reed-6590, and Reed-12 to bring him to the main Council. The three founders showed Reed-616 the Farm, their collection of Doctor Dooms, and how the Council worked. However, the Mad Celestials attacked and massacred Reed-98570 and Reed-99107, among other Reeds, leaving Reed-12498 the only surviving founder. With Reed-12498's Infinity Gauntlet and a Universal Entropy Gun, the Reeds were able to temporarily fend off the attack, and Reed-616 helped.[3]

After learning that the other Reeds had abandoned their families to do the work, Reed of 616, the son of the only surviving Nathaniel Richards, reconsidered his choice of joining the Council. Due to the influence of his father, Richards could not make the trade-off that the other Reeds had and left them.[11]

The End of the Council[]

Celestials and Interdimensional Council of Reeds (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 583 002

The Council being wiped out by the Mad Celestials and the last survivors fleeing to Earth-616

The Mad Celestials soon came back and annihilated the rest of the Council. Reed-616 had deactivated his Bridge after his interaction with the Council, but his genius daughter Valeria snuck into his lab and reactivated it out of simple curiosity. She found the ravaged Reed base, along with their dead founders' Infinity Gauntlets and the lobotomized Dooms. Though Val's Bridge, four of the surviving Reeds, including Reed-12498, escaped the Mad Celestials from interdimensional limbo into Earth-616 after the rest had been killed. They decided to instigate the War of the Four Cities, in the hopes of garnering the strange energy needed to power the Sol's Anvil, a devestating weapon to be used against the Mad Celestials. One Reed was sent to the Moon to make a deal with the Universal Inhumans to obtain permission to the dormant dynamo needed to build the Sol's Anvil device but was killed after the Inhumans discovered his full plans.[14] Two Reeds attempted to take the Evolutionary Engine from the Moloids, but their plans were halted by the Inhumans who defeated the Moloids and captured two of the Reeds, leaving only Reed-12498 to escape with a detained Dr. Doom.[15] In an effort to rebuild the Kree Empire in the name of restoring Kree authority from the Inhumans, Ronan the Accuser and Crystal absconded with the two captured Reeds and used them as components to re-create the Supreme Intelligence, killing the two Reeds.[16] The Alpha Reed ran to Latveria, met with Nathaniel Richards and the Future Foundation, and they rebuilt the Bridge. After entering it, he attempted to use the Ultimate Nullifier against a Mad Celestial but was destroyed, officially ending the Council of Reeds.[17]

The former Council's space was later scavenged by the Earth-616 Doom. Val had told Doom about the Infinity Gauntlets and Doom's surviving lobotomized counterparts. Doom took the Infinity Gauntlets for his own.[18] Doom soon went to the native universe of one of the dead Reeds where his Infinity Gauntlet worked, but he got overthrown and had to be rescued by Reed-616, Nathaniel Richards, and future Valeria Richards. After the abdication of Doom, the future Valeria Richards decided to take up residence at the Council's former base to take advantage of the unique opportunities it represented.[19]


Some time following the destruction and rebirth of the Multiverse as a result of the incursions and the ascension of Earth-616's Reed to godhood, respectively, the Interdimensional Council of Reeds was rebuilt. This new council saw in a negative light the practice of their former iteration that each Reed severed ties with their friends and family, arguing that these bonds actually gave them strength and kept them grounded. This fledgling cabal made use of special badges which allowed its members to leave a duplicate of themselves behind any time they left their universe to come together, so they would no longer have to leave their loved ones behind.[7]

The reformed Victor von Doom of Earth-616 stumbled into the reformed Council during a multiversal journey with The Thing, the Human Torch, and Dr. Rachna Koul. After encouraging Victor to continue traveling down a heroic path, the Council returned him to the universe from which he had traveled to their meeting place. Outraged by the revelation that the Council of Reeds existed again, Victor warned them that it would meet the same fate as its previous incarnation.[7]

Project Oversight[]

Members of this new Council of Reeds began working with the Reed Richards of Earth-1610, as part of Project Oversight, with the intention for him to return to and restore his universe, something his research showed Symbiotes would allow him to do. Early in this project, Reed-1610 managed to retrieve his earth's Venom symbiote, and pioneered S.C.I.T.H.E. technology to collect symbiote codices in order to restore it.[20] Project Oversight was delayed significantly, however, when Carnage began his own quest to retrieve codices in order to revive Knull, and Venom merged Richards' collected codices into his own symbiote.[21]



Council Badges: Members of the new Interdimensional Council make use of special badges to transport to their place of assembly. This badge duplicate the people who use them, so they don't have to abandon their families. When a Reed returns to their native universe, his experiences and memories merge with the ones he left behind. If a duplicate Reed is killed while the original is away, they can't teleport back to their native universe. Otherwise, they would return to their corpse and die as well.[7]

Parliament of Doom (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 571 001

The Council's collection of Doctor Dooms

Collars: The Council used special collars to destroy the intelligence of Doctor Dooms. They kept these Dooms in the Hole below the main council chamber.[22][23]

Infinity Gauntlets (formerly): The three founders—Reed-12498, Reed-98570, and Reed-99107—each had their universe's Infinity Gauntlet.[12]


Sol's Anvil,[14] Universal Entropy Guns,[11] a large number of Ultimate Nullifiers[22]




  • Doctor Doom initially likes the Reeds of the Council for their callous, ambitious nature, until his Reed informs him that they turn Doctor Dooms into vegetables.[25]
  • The trade-off of leaving one's family behind for a greater purpose is very similar to the one made by Nathaniel Richards when he joined the Brotherhood of the Shield. Nathaniel did it because he thought it was the correct choice,[26] but he later admitted when talking about the Council of Reeds that it was the wrong choice.[6]
  • As of Venom (Vol. 4) #20 the Interdimensional Council of Reeds and the Maker seem to be unaware that Earth-1610 has already been restored and that Mysterio built a fully functioning two-way portal machine connecting it to Earth-616.[27][28]
  • The Council of Ricks from Rick and Morty was based upon the Interdimensional Council of Reeds.

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