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Intergalactic Coalition
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Coalition Fleet


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Current Members
survivors from various extraterrestrial races

Galactus, Silver Surfer, Karidian rebels


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The Intergalactic Coalition was formed by extraterrestrial races whose planets had been devoured by Galactus. It was an armada consisting of the survivors of a thousand worlds. For years they searched the cosmos for the Silver Surfer, to bring him to justice for the crimes he committed against them. They found him in the Karidian star system, where he was trying to save the inhabitants of Karidia by stabilizing their sun which was about to go supernova. He was willing to face their justice but only after saving the Karidians. The fleet attacked him regardless. Silver Surfer absorbed the energy from their attacks and combined it with his own power to stabilize the Karidian sun. The Coalition Fleet was left stranded in Karidia's orbit as their energy reserves were exhausted.[1]

The Intergalactic Coalition used their remaining operational starfighters to attack and subjugate Karidia, holding their world hostage with a doomsday weapon. They captured a Karidian rebel and turned him into a weapon against the Silver Surfer, becoming Bounty. Who was defeated by the Silver Surfer and freed from their control. The Silver Surfer destroyed the doomsday weapon thereby freeing Karidian from their control.[2]


Transportation: Warp-capable starships
Weapons: Starfighters, Directed energy weapons

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