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The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda was started by a group of Alpha Flight explorers who were sent by T'Challa to search for the origin of the Mena Ngai. While exploring the Vega System, the explorers' travels took them through a temporal anomaly into the past, where they established an empire named after their homeland.[2][3] It was built over the next two-thousand years and came to span five galaxies beginning with the Benhazin System and expanding into T'Chaka's Reach, which was taken from the Rigellians by force. The Wakandans then moved into the S'Yaan Expanse, wiping out its original inhabitants without mercy, before taking the Matrix of Mamadou from the Kronans, Symbiotes, and Shadow People, though not without considerable losses. Finally Nehanda's Lattice was added to the empire, the dominant Teku-Maza enslaved like the Kronans before them, and forced to work in the Vibranium mines.[4]

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