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The simian version of the Invaders shared the same role as the mainstream Invaders during World War Two, until their event at Baron Zemo's base at on the North Sea where Baron Blood turned Namor, Bucky, Red Raven, and Toro into vampires. The original Simian Torch was destroyed by the vampires and Captain America was bitten by Blood, who absorbed the supersoldier serum from the Captain, took over his identity and frozen him in a iceberg. Blood and the vampire Invaders secretly existed to the modern present as Blood, disguised as Captain America, took sustenance on criminals and other hapless simians to himself and his underlings. When Martin Blank (The Gibbon) and Fiona Fitzhugh came to Earth-8101, Baron Blood took interest in invading their universe and preying on new victims. However, Speedball and his Outsiders long discovered about the Invaders, freed the real Captain Atom, and revealed the Invaders' facade to the Ape-Vengers. All vampires, except for Bucky, were killed at the Baxter Building.[1]

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