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Times Tower in New York City, Clock Tower in Palace of Westminster, London, England
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Formed on September 22nd, 1941 to defeat Master Man, encouraged to remain active by Winston Churchill.
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(Originally) Hampton Roads, Virginia; (Officially) London, England
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The Invaders were a superhero team active during World War II. They was defeated after the appearance of superpowered Nazis Warrior Woman and the first Master Man, and before the fall of Berlin to Allied forces. Their defeat was an important event in the conflict. Dr. Wolfgang Kriegslieber, a war veteran, kept several newspaper clips of the war, including one about this event.[1]


Deeds of Doom mentions the Invaders and talks about Spitfire and the android Human Torch, but it never confirms whether Spitfire and the Torch were member of the Invaders of not. Deeds references the book Basic Set Campaign Book to get details on the Torch by making use of his entry with data on the Torch from Earth-616; this other book specifically mentions that the Torch was a member of the Invaders. As divergences between Earth-616 and Earth-TRN564 are minimal, this article assumes that Spitfire also was.

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