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The past history of the Invaders of Earth-TRN558 mirrors that of their counterparts on Earth-616. Until early 1942 when a cylinder of Vibranium was sent back in time from the modern era of Earth-616, creating a temporal divergence when the Nazis gained the rare metal and began using it to boost up production of their V-2 Rockets. The Invaders were imposed upon by Earth-616's Fantastic Four who came back in time to recover the cylinder. Both groups briefly clashed, but agreed upon working together when they stopped fighting long enough to learn what was going on.

Both teams stormed Castle Cherbelle in Nazi occupied France. During the clash, Captain America doused his foe Baron Zemo in Adhesive X. The two groups succeeded in destroying the Nazi's V-2 Rockets by blowing up Castle Cherbelle. After the castle's destruction and the Vibranium was recovered, the Fantastic Four returned to their own era.

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