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Synopsis for "The Ring of the Nebulas!"

Part One "From the Rhine... a Girl of Gold!"

Late December, 1941: The Invaders fly over a battle-ravaged London in an Atlantean aircraft and engage a squad of Nazi bombers. When the RAF arrives to help, Cap and Bucky land their plane amidst a burning section of the city to help on the ground. There, they spot a mysterious golden-haired, golden-eyed woman in antiquated dress.

Part Two "A Valkyrie Rising!"

The woman is walking around the burning ruins in a daze. Captain America dives in to knock her out of the way of a collapsing structure, knocking loose a glowing ring that seems important but the woman has no memory of it or anything else. Cap pockets the ring and the British army leads them to a strategy session on how to deal with Brain Drain. The woman recalls Brain Drain's name, as well as her own, Hilda. When shown a map, Hilda points out where she thinks she came from. The Invaders set out for the location, but Cap orders Bucky to remain behind as liason.

Part Three "Beyond the Siegfried Line!"

The Invaders and Hilda fly their Atlantean aircraft into German territory looking for Brain Drain's base, but are knocked out of the sky by a flying battleaxe. The heroes manage to each make it to the ground safely, where they are confronted by Donar, Froh, and Loga, Teutonic warrior gods of thunder, lightning, and fire.


  • This issue contains a Marvel Value Stamp Series A #37: The Watcher.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis Here We Come!" with "A Few Random Ramblings by Roy Thomas". Each Letter page shown in Invaders Vol 1 will be under the title "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". (Although not every issue will contain a letters page).


  • The opening captions suggest the first scene takes place at the end of the Battle of Britain, although the real world campaign would have been over a year prior. The timing is adjusted to account for the Invaders forming only after Pearl Harbor.

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