Quote1.png Now I can take my father's place -- as an Invader! Quote2.png
-- Spitfire

Appearing in "Night of the Blue Bullet!"

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Synopsis for "Night of the Blue Bullet!"

Jacqeline Falsworth and her father Montgomery Falsworth were direly injured in last issue's battle with Baron Blood. Montogmery Falsorth's legs are permanently crushed. The Invaders transport them quickly to a nearby London hospital.

At the hospital, the Human Torch provide Jacqueline with a direly needed blood transfusion. Also, a mysterious Allied researcher at the hospital, Jacob Gold, dons the experimental "Blue Bullet" armor that he hs been working on and goes on a rampage. During the melee, it is determined that Jacqueline Falsworth has acquired super speed due to a blood transfusion with the android Human Torch. Sub-Mariner finally defeats the Blue Bullet and Jacob Gold is taken into custody. Jacqueline affectionately hugs Captain America and expresses her desire to take her father's place in the Invaders. An obviously jealous Human Torch quits the team and flys off. To be continued!

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