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Synopsis for "To the Warsaw Ghetto"

The Torch realizes something was fishy about the Blue Bullet's attack and goes to the Tower of London to talk to him. Professor Gold reveals that he is a Jewish Warsaw refugee and the Nazis coerced him into turning traitor in exchange for the safety of his younger brother, Jacob, who remains in occupied Warsaw. The Torch volunteers the Invaders to go to Warsaw and rescue Jacob. They're joined by the newly empowered Jacqueline, who has donned a costume and named herself "Spitfire" after the British aircraft.

The Invaders find Jacob, but the young geologist insists on remaining with his work and patiently awaiting the end of the Nazi's persecution, noting that the days of his people's legendary protector, the Golem, are long past. A force of Nazis soon arrive to fight the Invaders, ultimately forcing them to surrender by threatening the lives of the ghetto inhabitants. As Jacob witnesses the injustice, he finally comes around to the idea of standing up to his oppressors. He heads into his workshop, knowing what must be done.


  • Spitfire joins the Invaders in this issue taking the place of the permanently disabled Union Jack.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from Adam Crocker as well as an unsigned letter.

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