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Synopsis for "The Golem Walks Again"

On a stormy night, Jacob Goldstein fashions a large human figure out of the clay in his workshop, mixing it with rainwater and experimental heavy water stolen from the nazis by one of the other residents of the ghetto, then completing the ritual by writing "emeth" on the figure's head and praying to God just before lightning strikes the workshop, causing the entire structure to collapse on top of him. Out of the rubble crawls the Golem, not sentient but acting with purpose to protect his people against the nazi oppressors. The Golem rampages unstoppably into the stronghold of the local nazi commander, The Face, where the Invaders are held prisoner and scientists are struggling to analyze the composition of Captain America's shield. The Golem frees the Invaders and goes after The Face, killing him by knocking him off the roof of his castle. When confronted by the Invaders, the Golem rubs its forehead pensively, inadvertently altering the word written there to "meth", which transforms it back into Jacob. Once more the Invaders implore Jacob to return to London with them, but this time he refuses with the intention of becoming the Golem again to help his people revolt against the nazis, confident that with or without him or his brother the nazis will be defeated. The Invaders reluctantly leave Warsaw behind.


  • As the last page indicates, this story takes place prior to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April, 1943.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from: Joe Storbeck, Chester and Cherie Cox, Rita Winston, and Dean Lito.

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