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Appearing in "Calling the Crusaders"

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Synopsis for "Calling the Crusaders"

The Invaders return to London to find it in the midst of an attack. As they rush in to help, they're beaten to the punch by a new group of British superheroes (with one American) called the Crusaders. When Lord Falsworth hears about them later, he reacts with shock at the familiar description of Dyna-Mite. Later that day, the Invaders head towards Buckingham Palace to meet about an assignment to be the King's Honour Guard, but are distracted along the way by an exploding car and the misleading witness account of a cabbie named Alfie. While the Invaders are on a wild goose chase, the Crusaders foil an assassination attempt on the King, earning them the position of Honour Guard and making the Invaders suspicious that it's all part of a plot to make them look bad and get impostor superheroes close to the King.


  • This issue and the next were part of an unofficial crossover with DC's Freedom Fighters #7 - 9. In each story, the title team faces a group called "The Crusaders" made up of expies of the other company's team.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from: Glenn Ehlers, Greg Gallant, Mark Ernst, and George Hall.

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