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Synopsis for "God Save the King!"

The Invaders foil a plot from the Nazi Saboteur "Alfie" to assasinate King George VI. The King had been supplied with a champagne bottle loaded with explosives to chisten a new ship for Her Majesty's Ship. When the Invaders try to stop the King from using the loaded bottle, the Crusaders are duped into battling the Invaders. After a short fight, the King is saved and Alfie is killed as he tries to escape. The Crusaders then retire their roles as costumed adventurers. However, in the end Dyna-Mite disappears along with Lord Falsworth and Spitfire, leaving the other Invaders a note only explaining they are leaving on a secret mission.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from: Marv Wolfman, Ed Coker, and Murray R. Ward.

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