Quote1 Now let's see if we can put a little heat on that Nazi nasty as well! Quote2
-- Human Torch

Appearing in "The Short, Happy Life of Major Victory"

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Synopsis for "The Short, Happy Life of Major Victory"

While in London, Bucky and Captain America fail to stop the abduction of American Private Biljo White by Nazi agents. White was the writer and artist of the comic book "Major Victory", the latest issue of which featured an origin story mirroring Captain America's. The Nazis evidently believed White knew details of the Super-Soldier Formula. Cap suspects he was taken to Hitler's armored fortress, Berchtesgaden, as various Nazi researchers had been sent there in the previous weeks. Arriving in Namor's airship, they are attacked and subdued by Master Man and imprisoned. Hitler arrives.

Invaders Vol 1 16 Major Victory 001

Major Victory


  • This issue features a letters page, "O.K. Axis Here We Come!". Letters are published from: robert Abrams, Rod McLaughlin, Scott Brabowsky, and Gregg Stanley, Jr.


  • The character "Billjo" White is based on a Marvel Comic reader from this time period. (See current letters page in this issue for more details).

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