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Synopsis for "Enter: the Mighty Destroyer"

Warrior Woman throws Captain America over the edge of the castle, but he's saved by the Destroyer, whom Cap recognizes from the comic book adaptation of the rumors of his existence. Unlike the "fictional" American version of the Destroyer, Cap notices this one is distinctly British, and is further shocked when the Destroyer unmasks to reveal his identity.

Meanwhile, the Nazis confine the other Invaders in yet another set of custom-designed cages and Hitler makes plans to have Master Man and Warrior Woman marry to breed the next generation of Nazi super-soldiers, though Warrior Woman is hesitant to accept that fate. Captain America and Destroyer infiltrate the castle and free Private Biljo White, but learn that the Invaders are already en route to Berlin for a public execution.

Already in Berlin, Lord Falsworth, Spitfire, and Dyna-Mite covertly air-drop past enemy lines on a mission to help Dyna-Mite, whom the Falsworths now call "Roger", to regain his lost memories.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from Richard Burton, and P. Murtagh.
  • Billjo White, the man the Invaders came to Axis controlled Germany to save, disappears this issue in the midst of much action. One can only assume, that once he was rescued by Captain America and the Destroyer that White was led back to Allied occupied areas by members of the Destroyer's underground network.
  • An Editor's Note in the issue refers to Mystic Comics #1 as Destroyer's first appearance. It was actually Mystic Comics #6.
  • Destroyer's backstory in this issue suggests "Keen Marlow" never existed and attributes all previous accounts of the Destroyer's adventures to fictionalized versions of his own. This will later be retconned again with the explanation that at least two Destroyers with the same origin were active at this time using the same identity to confuse their enemies. See Kevin Marlow (Earth-616)/Expanded History.

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