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Union Jack

Appearing in "War Comes to the Wilhelmstrasse"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Lady Jane Falsworth (Only in flashback)
  • Neville Chamberlain (Only in flashback)
  • Colonel Dietrich (Main story and flashback)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "War Comes to the Wilhelmstrasse"

Captain America and the Destroyer covertly arrive in Berlin to see the Nazis parading the captured Invaders through the streets. Destroyer insists on using the time before their scheduled execution to plan a rescue, but when it looks like a trigger-happy guard is about to shoot Bucky, Cap blows their cover diving in to stop it. The skirmish ends with Captain America also captured and Destroyer seemingly killed in a grenade blast.

The disaster is witnessed by Falsworth's party, prompting them to put aside their original mission of restoring Dyna-Mite's memories and finding out what happened to his partner and Falsworth's son, Brian, to attempt to rescue the Invaders from the Science Institute where they're being held. In the process they come across the Nazi officer responsible for Dyna-Mite's condition, which begins to jog Roger's memory. In 1938 he and Brian Falsworth went to Germany, against Lord Falsworth's wishes, as supporters of Appeasement. They changed their mind once the war began, but the Nazis didn't allow them to leave. They learn from the officer that while Roger was put into the "Crusader" project and turned into Dyna-Mite, Brian escaped from his cell when he became the Mighty Destroyer. While the Falsworths reel in shock from the revelation, the Nazi triggers a trap, completing the collection of captured Invaders.

The next morning, Master Man and Warrior Woman are wed as the six Invaders are drugged and lined up against the wall for the firing squad. Before the trigger can be pulled, the proceedings are disrupted by the sudden arrival of a new Union Jack.


  • In this issue, Brian Falsworth gives up his role as the Destroyer and assumes his father's previous costumed personna of Union Jack.

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