Quote1 You are your decadent country's foremost champion, my dear Kapitan. But to me, you are merely... extra baggage! Quote2
-- Brain Drain

Appearing in "The Twilight of the Star-Gods!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Brain Drain Next (First appearance chronologically) (Apparent death)
  • Previous Empty Donar (Final appearance; dies)
  • Previous Empty Froh (Final appearance; dies)
  • Previous Empty Loga (Final appearance; dies)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Twilight of the Star-Gods!"

Werner Schmidt (Brain Drain) (Earth-616) from Invaders Vol 1 2 0002

Brain Drain

The Invaders square off against three alleged Teutonic Gods: Donar, Froh and Loga. Prince Namor grapples with Donar while the Human Torch swaps fireballs with Loga. Toro meanwhile, has his hands full evading Froh's hurled lightning bolts.

Elsewhere, Captain America and Hildy are captured by Nazi officers. They are taken to the laboratory of the criminal scientist known as Brain Drain. Brain Drain's body consists of little more than a disembodied brain and eyes, contained within a glass dome, attached to a robotic body.

Brain Drain explains how he found an alien ship containing four travelers. He took from them the Ring of the Nebulas and used its power to increase his own mechanical systems. He also used it to put the travelers into a deep trance, bending their will to his own. He patterned their appearance and behavior after Teutonic gods.

Hildy suddenly remembers everything and knows that she is one of these alien travelers. She swipes the Ring of the Nebulas from Brain Drain's grasp and tosses it into a vat of acid. With the ring destroyed, its mental effects wear off and Donar, Froh and Loga stop fighting the Invaders.

Realizing that they can never again return to the stars, the aliens decide to take their own lives. Hildy and the others elect to dive into the vat of acid, killing themselves. Brain Drain, who professes to be in love with Hildy follows her into the acid vat and seemingly dies as well.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!" Letters are published from Jerry C. Cleary, Jim Millaway, Michael H. Schwartz, Roy Ostergen, and Mark Schneider.
  • Appearances to the contrary, Brain Drain does in fact survive his apparent death at the end of this issue. He survives well into the modern era and becomes a member of Omega Flight. He is next seen in Marvel Two-In-One 20.


Even though Bucky appeared on the cover, he was never actually seen in the story.

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