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Steven Rogers (Earth-616)

Appearing in "The Scarab of the Nile"

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Synopsis for "The Scarab of the Nile"

The Invaders learn that the bullet lodged near Toro's heart is too dangerous to operate on without the expertise of Dr.Sam Sabuki, who lives in California. When The Invaders are summoned for a mission, Bucky volunteers to fly Toro to Sabuki in the Atlantean aircraft while the others attend to their duty. The Torch is reluctant to leave his ward's side, but ultimately relents, knowing the scope of the War is too important to ignore.

With Falsworth and Dyna-Mite occupied interrogating Colonel Dietrich, the five available Invaders assemble for their mission. They head to Cairo to deal with a group of Pharaonic-themed fanatics called the Sons of the Scarab while the Allied forces are occupied with defending the Libyan border from Rommel's advance. Knowing that the Sons of the Scarab are hiding somewhere beneath the Pyramids, they're assigned the help of local archaeologist Dr.Faoul to pinpoint the correct tunnels. Faoul's plan calls for the powers of the Human Torch and the Submariner to excavate efficiently without causing irreparable damage to the landmark. Union Jack, Spitfire, and Captain America are meanwhile called to join the front lines to provide a morale boost to the soldiers, with the expectation that Torch and Namor will join them as soon as they're done with their mission.

Faoul leads the two Invaders into a time-forgotten chamber containing a ruby scarab talisman and a hieroglyphic inscription on the walls. Faoul grabs the talisman and throws off his clothes to reveal a costume marking him as the secret leader of the Sons of the Scarab. Proclaiming himself the Scarlet Scarab, he gains incredible powers from the talisman and attacks the Invaders.

Continued in Invaders #25...


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from: Al Schroeder III, Charles David Haskell, Dennies Caudle, and Sam Hays.

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