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This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Mystery Comics #17.

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Synopsis for "Fighting Side-By-Side"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Mystery Comics #17.

Left wondering what his enemy Pinhead has said about a coming invasion, the Human Torch meets with the Sub-Mariner. After a brief fight between the two, Namor warns the Torch of an impending attack from Japan, whose forces are already digging a tunnel from Japan to Alaska. Giving the Torch a special diving helmet, the two dive into the ocean where Namor's submarine takes them to the location of the tunnel. They come across a German U-Boat and easily take it down before continuing on their journey. After fighting another ship full of Nazi's they learn of the location of the tunnel located on a volcanic island near Alaska.

There they attack the Japanese forces and during the fight the Japanese soldiers are easily defeated however a wall breach causes the tunnel to fill with explosive volcanic gasses. With no other alternative, and with Namor knocked out, the Torch uses his flame powers to set off the explosive gas in the hopes of destroying the underground tunnel. The explosion kills off the Japanese soldiers and the Torch carries Namor back to the surface to recover while he goes back and follows the tunnel to see how far it goes. Reviving, the Sub-Mariner returns to his army and orders them to go down the Bering Straight to Siberia and destroy whatever work is being conducted there.

While Namor's forces attack the Axis forces in Siberia, the Sub-Mariner puts on a diving helmet to protect himself from the volcanic gasses and follows after the Human Torch. The Torch meanwhile has located Japanese forces who are using captured prisoners to dig the tunnel for them. As Namor comes across a room full of explosives, the Torch battles Japanese forces and one of his flames sets off the explosives. The blast knocks Namor out, leading to him being easily captured by the Japanese. The Human Torch soon comes to the rescue of Namor, and the two confront a Nazi operative who is in charge, however rather than be captured he floods the tunnel killing himself. Melting their way to the surface, the Torch and Namor find themselves in the middle of an Alaskan town. Going to the governor, they tell him how they foiled an Axis plot to invade his state and he commends the two heroes on a job well done.


  • This issue is completely reprinted material. The Invaders do not appear in this issue.
  • This is the first Marvel/Timely Comics Super-hero team-up.
  • Some pages and panels of the original story are deleted.

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