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Quote1.png The Scarab seems almost -- Invincible! Quote2.png
-- Sub-Mariner

Appearing in "The Power and the Panzers"

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Other Characters:

  • Major Harrison

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Synopsis for "The Power and the Panzers"

Continued from Invaders #23...

The Scarlet Scarab defeats Namor and Torch and flies over the front lines to meet with the Nazis whom he believes will only help liberate Egypt from the British. The other Invaders had temporarily driven the Nazis back with a bold surge, making the enemy think air support was incoming. When they see the Scarab flying overhead, they fall back to find out what happened to their teammates. When the Invaders reconvene, Namor notes that the prophesy that accompanied the scarab talisman said that it would help its user find himself and Egypt's true path, musing that it might legitmately lead away from Britain's own path.

Shortly thereafter, the Invaders and the Scarlet Scarab meet again on the front lines, the Nazis having accepted Scarab's offer of an alliance. However, when the Scarab witnesses the Nazis abusing Egyptian civilians, he quickly realizes his mistake and turns on them. The combined might of the Invaders and the Scarlet Scarab make the Nazis retreat, but the Scarab makes it clear that he is by no means siding with the Allies. He departs, promising to fight against them if they ever threatened a peaceful village like the Nazis had.

Meanwhile, Bucky arrives in California to get the help of Dr.Sabuki in saving Toro's life, only to find that he has been taken to a detention center...


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from: Jeff Gelb, Bennet Marks, Joe Nguyen, Rich Morrissey, Robert Bruce Braley, and G.T. Turner.

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