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Appearing in "Day of Infamy...Day of Shame!"

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Synopsis for "Day of Infamy...Day of Shame!"

Bucky tracks down the internment camp where Dr.Sabuki is being held, but the racist C.O. of the camp refuses to let him out even to save Toro's life. Out of patience, Bucky fights past the camp's soldiers to find Sabuki, intending to break him out. However, no sooner than Bucky finds and makes his case to Sabuki and his daughter that Agent Axis and his multi-national henchmen burst through the floor of the compound in a tunneling machine to abduct the doctor for their own purposes. Bucky tries to protect them, but Agent Axis' triplicate strength defeats him, and he takes Sabuki along with his daughter and Bucky before the MPs can catch up and stop them.

Meanwhile, the other Invaders return to Falsworth Manor to find that the captive Colonel Dietrich has revealed the way to reverse the process that shrunk Dyna-Mite and the restored Aubrey is now in Brian's Destroyer costume, declaring that he intends to take up the role sabotaging the Nazis behind enemy lines.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from Adam Castro, Dennis Anderson, John Kellenberger, and Brce Weintraug.

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