Quote1.png By Proteus, that devil has given new meaning to our battle-cry. Quote2.png
--Namor McKenzie (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Agent Axis, Master of Murder"

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Synopsis for "Agent Axis, Master of Murder"

Bucky lets slip to Agent Axis that he wanted Dr.Sabuki to save Toro's life, so Axis makes a stop at the hospital to add Toro to his collection of prisoners. Flower delivery boy Davy Mitchell, who was carrying a package for another patient when he found out his hero was there in the hospital, also gets caught up by Axis' men when they come for Toro. Agent Axis threatens to kill the children unless Dr.Sabuki performs a brain surgery to cure him of his multiple personalities. Sabuki bargains to allow him to remove the bullet from Toro first and then agrees to help Axis. For extra insurance, Axis has Sabuki's daughter Gwenny-Lou and Davy strapped into operating tables alongside him, warning Sabuki that any wrong move during the procedure will be repeated on the children by the robotic proxy he has to use to operate. Just as Axis' operation is ready to begin, the rapidly recovering Toro blasts the guard on Bucky, giving them a chance to escape, but also damaging the operating machine in the crossfire. Before the machine is destroyed, its failsafes pump Gwen and Davy with energy meant to kill them, but unexpectedly grants them super powers instead. Gwenny-Lou is able to shoot energy beams from her hands while Davy is able to spin around at incredible speed. Along with Bucky and Toro, they start to turn the tables on Agent Axis and his henchmen.

Meanwhile, Captain America, the Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner have flown to California from Britain in a bomber and have been filled in on the situation over radio. They go to the internment camp where Bucky was last seen and are appalled by the way they find Japanese-American citizens are being treated there. After admonishing the center's C.O. and finding out what they could about Agent Axis, they pick up Namor's aircraft that Bucky had left there and are relieved to find that Bucky had the forethought to take a tracking device from the craft. With it, they home in on Agent Axis and join the fight.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!. Letters are published from Mark Ryan, Lloyd Glasscock, and James Powell.

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