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Other Characters:

  • Dr.Barrow (Only in flashback)
  • Red Skull (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Attack of the Teutonic Knight"

When the Invaders hear their next target goes by the name "Teutonic Knight", Captain America, Namor, and the Human Torch each recall their individual encounters with the Nazi agent in late 1941, just before America's entry into the war and the founding of the Invaders. In each case, the Teutonic Knight had stolen a component of an experimental flying weapons platform and kidnapped an integral scientist and escaped the heroes protecting them by creating a scenario where they had to choose protecting the people the Knight endangered over catching him. Since then, the Teutonic Knight had built the flying arsenal, and now is using it to wreak havoc over a British town.


  • This was Alan Kupperberg's first time penciling for the Invaders.

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