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Quote1.png We're in this war, Namor, and we're going to win it -- but let's make sure we're still the 'Good Guys' when we do! Quote2.png
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Appearing in "Blitzkrieg at Bermuda"

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Synopsis for "Blitzkrieg at Bermuda"

January, 1942: The Invaders are flying back to America across the Atlantic in Namor's aircraft when they spot an American freighter carrying war materials getting attacked by a U-Boat. They dive down to help, saving the freighter, sinking the U-Boat, and capturing its commander and the secret coded orders he's carrying. Back in Washington, the decoded message reveals that the Nazis plan to assassinate Churchill on his way back from his visit to the US and Canada. The nazi agent to carry out the attack is the Atlantean U-Man. Namor becomes enraged upon discovering that one of his people had joined with the Nazis and insists on fighting U-Man alone. Only Bucky sides with Namor on that plan, leading to a violent clash among the Invaders over how to approach the mission, ending with Namor and Bucky taking off with the Atlantean aircraft, and leaving the rest to figure out another way to catch up before the Prime Minister is intercepted.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". A letter is published from Jerry Bails.


  • Winston Churchill has been visiting the US and Canada since Giant Size Invaders #1. The issue references actual speeches he made and meetings held during his December, 1941 visit following the US joining the War.

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