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Quote1.png This castle remains standing -- as a monument to that pathetic... man! And any of you who dare even lay a finger on this place answers to me -- the "Human" Torch! Quote2.png
The Human Torch

Appearing in "Heil Frankenstein!"

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Synopsis for "Heil Frankenstein!"

Jackie Falsworth finds an over-sized Nazi cap inside a box of souvenirs. Captain America tells her of the mission of how they acquired the hat, and who it originally belonged to.

In early 1942, the Invaders learn of Nazi activities taking place in the Swiss Alps. When they arrive to investigate, they discover that the villagers are terrified of a monster they've seen in the proximity of Castle Frankenstein.

The Invaders inspect the castle and run afoul of Frankenstein's Monster. Unlike the original creature however, this one is adorned in the raiments of a Nazi officer. They briefly battle the monster, but are quickly defeated. The monsters creators, Basil von Frankenstein and Doctor Kitagowa secure the defeated heroes inside of a dungeon. Frankenstein explains how he used his ancestor's original work for the basis of his own creation. By way of mind-control techniques, the Frankenstein Monster is completely subservient to Basil's whims.

The Invaders break free of the dungeon and attack the monster anew. During the fight, they push the creature against an electrical panel, and the massive jolt of energy shorts out the portion of his brain that made him obedient to his master. A free man for the first time in its life, the Frankenstein takes revenge against those who created him. Grabbing Basil and Doctor Kitagowa, he hurls himself off the parapet of the castle and all three plunge to their doom.

The Human Torch, feeling empathy towards this artificially created human, prevents the nearby villagers from razing Frankenstein's Castle. He declares that it shall remain as a monument to the free man who lived and died here.


  • The majority of this issue takes place in early 1942, prior to the first appearance of Union Jack and Spitfire in Invaders #7.
  • Second appearance of Basil Frankenstein. Basil appeared last as an infant in The Monster of Frankenstein #11. Final appearance; dies in this issue.
  • The Frankenstein Monster that appears in this issue is a creation of Basil Frankenstein, and should not be confused with the original monster created by Victor Frankenstein. First and only appearance to date; dies in this issue. The original Frankenstein Monster makes a cameo flashback appearance in this issue.

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