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Quote1.png First Russia, then England, and finally America itself shall feel the full, untrampled power of the Gods of Asgard -- till all the world lies prostrate beneath the heel of the Third Reich! Quote2.png
Adolf Hitler

Appearing in "A Time of Titans!"

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Synopsis for "A Time of Titans!"

The Invaders are shocked at the sight of Thor, the God of Thunder, standing before them. None of them are quite sure what to make of him, except for that he is working alongside the Nazis and is here in Russia to kill Josef Stalin. Thor calls down a thunderstorm that douses the Human Torch's flame, but the rain only serves to rejuvenate the Sub-Mariner who begins grappling with the Thunder God. Russian soldiers open fire on Thor, but he shatters the barrels of their tanks with one swift stroke from his hammer Mjolnir. The Sub-Mariner grabs Josef Stalin and takes him aboard his Imperial flagship where he flies him to safety. Union Jack and Spitfire double-team Thor, but he easily shakes off their attack. Upon seeing that the Sub-Mariner has fled with his quarry, Thor flies off into the sky after them. Unable to locate them, Thor rests atop a mountain peak. He opens a window in space with Mjolnir and reports his failure to Adolph Hitler. Hitler is outraged and Thor does not take kindly to the man's tone.

In Berlin, Hitler meets with his scientist Doctor Olsen and his bandaged assistant Hans. Hitler dreams of calling down all the Gods of Asgard to lead his armies in a bid to conquer the world. Suddenly, Doctor Olsen suffers a massive heart attack and dies. Hans rushes to his side.

Sub-Mariner vs. Thor

Meanwhile, the Invaders meet back up with the Sub-Mariner who has brought Stalin back to the Kremlin in Moscow. Thor arrives on the scene and resumes his quest to kill Stalin. The Invaders charge Thor en masse, but he brushes past them and fires a massive lightning bolt from Mjolnir, killing the Russian premier. As he stands above Stalin's body, Thor suddenly hears patches of conversation broadcast to him through his hammer. He hears the voice of Hitler, madly declaring his plans for world domination. Thor now realizes that he has made a critical error in judgment. The Invaders inspect Stalin's body and discover that it was actually Union Jack in disguise. The real Josef Stalin is safely tucked away elsewhere in the building. Thor feels guilty for the path he has taken and so he uses his hammer to retract the deadly lightning that nearly ended Union Jack's life. Union Jack rises from the floor and discovers that some lingering element of the mystic lightning has granted him the ability to generate electricity from his fingertips.

Back in Berlin, the bandaged Hans reveals to Hitler that he had altered his broadcasting equipment so that Thor would learn the truth about him. When Hitler orders him to use the machine to summon an army of trolls from Asgard, Hans overloads the device causing it to explode. Hitler survives the blast, but is partially buried beneath the debris. Hans reveals that he is actually Victor von Doom and thanks to Hitler he now knows what he can expect from the superhuman community once he makes his own bid for power. Doom leaves Hitler trapped beneath the wreckage.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Cover art: layouts by Kupperberg, pencils by Kirby, inks by Cockrum.
  • Brian Falsworth briefly acquires electrokinesis beginning with this issue.
  • The canoncity of Victor von Doom's presence in this issue is cause for speculation. Clearly Victor von Doom was not alive in 1942, let alone, an adult. It is possible that this may be Doom from a future era who had traveled backwards in time to 1942, but no indication of this theory is provided in the issue.
    • It is later retconned in Marvel Universe Vol 1 2 that Doctor Doom's presence was due to traveling back in time using his Time Platform. Baron Strucker subsequently follows him into Doom's era, the future, and acquires information about the war's end and the development of nuclear technology, which he uses to help build HYDRA.

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