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Synopsis for "He Who Destroys!"

When news spreads of the Destroyer working with the Nazis, the Invaders worry that Roger's brainwashing had been reasserted. They head out in time to intercept one of Destroyer's attacks at London Bridge. Namor and Torch are dispatched to deal with the damage to the bridge while the others follow the escaping Nazis in Namor's jet. When they find the Destroyer's hideout, Union Jack and Spitfire, since Brian's friendship with Roger makes it a personal matter, offer to infiltrate it themselves while Captain America keeps the Jet hidden in the clouds. Spying on "Destroyer", they learn that he's an imposter. Spitfire dashes through the base to find and free Roger while Union Jack uses his new electric powers to fight and unmask the Destroyer as Master Man. The Nazi super-soldier defeats Union Jack and almost escapes with him as his newest prisoner, but UJ manages to break free with an electric burst while Master Man rides on the wing of his underlings' plane. A super-speed stirred updraft by Spitfire and a well-timed catch by Roger saves Brian from falling to his death. Though Master Man escapes, Roger regains his Destroyer identity and returns to his task to begin rebuilding his reputation.

Later, Captain America gets a message to return to the States. Namor and Torch join him while the Falsworths hold the fort in England.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Thomas is credited with concept.
  • Colouring is credited to Nellie Y.

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