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Quote1.png It is time we paid back the Liberty Legion for the time they helped save us. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Havoc on the Home Front!"

The Invaders are called back to the States to deal with a new saboteur that has surfaced. As they take the time to wander Times Square, the Whizzer runs up to them in desperation and informs them of the deadly situation facing his team. The Liberty Legion had been tasked with investigating local German-Americans for potential connections to the enemy. Miss America had taken the initiative and took notice of two German thugs abducting a harried refugee professor from a pub. She followed them as they presented the professor to their boss, a man in large robotic armor named Iron Cross. Miss America attacked, accusing them as Nazis, though Iron Cross attests that they're not actually Nazis, but nationalistic Germans.

Miss America held her own, but couldn't produce the raw power needed to get through the enemy's armor. She surreptitiously turned on her communicator to summon the other Legionnaires, but by the time they arrived, Iron Cross already has Miss America and the professor as hostages, putting them at a disadvantage. When it seemed his team was losing, Whizzer took off to find the Invaders, whom he had heard were in town.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Kupperberg penciled 5 framing pages.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!" Letters are published from Chris Colbert, John Kaval, and Beppe Sabatini.

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