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Appearing in "The Liberty Legion Busts Loose!"

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Synopsis for "The Liberty Legion Busts Loose!"

As Iron Cross escapes from the ocean with his hostage professor, he spots the Invaders' jet and punches it out of the sky just in case they were thinking of stopping him. While down below, Thin Man uses his body to plug the U-Boat's breached hull as Namor lifts the sub to the surface. Once above the water, Jack Frost creates an ice sheet to rest the sub on and hold its crew. Namor takes off as quickly as he can after Iron Cross to settle their score, followed by the other flying heroes, Miss America, Red Raven, and the Human Torch. With some help from Frost's ice runway, Whizzer gets his chance to help when Cross knocks Raven and America out of the sky, he rushes in to catch Madeline. Raven's wings keep him afloat when he hits the water as Namor catches the falling Professor Schneider ad the Torch overheats Iron Cross' armor, causing him to fall and sink into the ocean. Assured by Schneider that Gruler destroyed his blueprints to assure his own uniqueness, the Invaders and the Legion take off with the knowledge that the threat of the Iron Cross is finished.

Meanwhile, U-Man stops in his path as he sees the Invaders departing, wondering if he has found his moment for revenge, but a voice in his head that he has found he cannot resist urges him to continue onward to meet his new mistress, Lady Lotus.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from Wally Podrazik and Commander Quotey.

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