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Human Torch

Appearing in "U-Man Comes to Town!"

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Synopsis for "U-Man Comes to Town!"

Still in New York, the Invaders stop a Bund gang from strongarming a munitions factory. They're accompanied by Whizzer, who rushes off immediately afterwards to meet up with the rest of the Liberty Legion and inform them that he'll be temporarily joining up with the Invaders while they're in the States and down a man. Miss America reminds him that they're actually down a woman as well and insists on joining him, making it a matter of covering up the Invaders' speedster and patriotically-garbed member gap.

Meanwhile, U-Man arrives in New York's Chinatown to answer the mental summons of Lady Lotus. She sends him to the west coast on a mission to abduct Golden Girl of the Kid Commandos. As it happens, the Invaders are being sent in the same direction to investigate reports of spy activity in San Diego. With Whizzer and Miss America bolstering their numbers, Captain America and the Human Torch take the opportunity to split off to pay their sidekicks a visit. Before they can arrive, the Kid Commandos are interrupted from taking out some newly arrived Japanese spies by the appearance of U-Man, who quickly incapacitates the team and escapes with Gwenny-Lou.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Thomas is credited with concept.
  • Whizzer and Miss America temporarily join the Invaders in this issue replacing Spitfire and Union Jack.
  • This story is Story # LG-276 (as seen on page one)
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from David Zimmerman, Carl Nicastro, Stephen Ascolese, Jon Green, and H.S. Williams.

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