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Synopsis for "Back from the Grave!"

Cap and the Torch arrive at the pier in time to spot U-Man escaping with Golden Girl, but not fast enough to stop him. Once the rest of the Kid Commandos are revived from Meranno's attack, the Torches take off to scout out where U-Man could have gone, with Bucky and Toro's unspoken shared crush on their kidnapped teammate obvious to most everyone else.

Golden Girl awakens in Lady Lotus' lair, where the older Japanese woman tries to convince her to join her power with her own psychic abilities to get revenge on the country that callously interned so many of their people. When Golden Girl tells her that her loyalty remains with America, Lotus attempts to use her power to force her compliance. Golden Girl fights back against Lotus, U-Man, and Lotus' henchmen long enough for Cap, Torch, and the Kid Commandos to arrive, forcing Lotus and U-Man to flee in a jet.

Back in Britain, Union Jack and Spitfire follow Brian's ominous gut-feeling into the fateful cave on their property where they find Japanese soldiers attempting to remove the boulder on top of the stalagmite where their uncle's remains are still impaled. They jump in to stop the enemy, but in the fray Brian's electrical blast accidentally destroys the boulder and Baron Blood rises again.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Thomas is credited with concept.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis, Here We Come!". Letters are published from: Bruce Weintrab, Rick Harrison, Tad Ray Christiansoen, and Carl Nicastro.

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