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Appearing in "V...- Is for Vampire!"

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Synopsis for "V...- Is for Vampire!"

The freshly revived Baron Blood doesn't recognize Jaqueline in her Spitfire identity and thinks Union Jack is still his brother. He makes short work of them but before he can finish them off, Lady Lotus makes psychic contact and forces him to hurry along on her exfiltration plan. When he and the Japanese soldiers escape, Spitfire and Union Jack can do nothing but let the Invaders know the situation. When Baron Blood is brought to Lady Lotus, he attempts to use his vampiric charm to make her his thrall, but her own mental powers prove his superior. She gives him a mission to take over an air traffic control tower at Idelwild Field to allow a Nazi plane to land on American soil. He succeeds, but the arrival of the plane doesn't go completely unnoticed. The Invaders are performing a combat demonstration at nearby Fort Dix when Sam Sawyer informs them of the suspicious flight. They head to the airfield to make use of the tracking equipment in Namor's jet and find Baron Blood instead. They nearly have him cornered, but the incapacitated control tower soon means incoming plane crashes and the flying Invaders have to let Baron Blood escape while they save the pilots. Baron Blood later reconvenes at Lotus' hideout, where he meets the two additional agents he worked to smuggle into the country, Master Man and Warrior Woman.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Thomas is credited with concept.
  • The story title contains the morse code symbol for the letter V (...-).
  • This issue contains a letters page "O.K. Axis Here We Come". The letters page announces that this will be the last regularly scheduled issue of Invaders. Letters are also published from Kurt Busiek and Dennis Mallonee.
  • The final issue of Invaders will be a Double-Sized Issue in September.


  • Kurt Busiek wrote these words in this issue's letters page (1979).

"A comics pro thirty years from now, looking back on the Marvel Age of Comics, will find a much more unified universe than that of the 1940's."

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