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Quote1.png Yeah, we all did o.k. tonight... Quote2.png
-- Whizzer

Appearing in "Beware the Super-Axis!"

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Synopsis for "Beware the Super-Axis!"

Lady Lotus assembles U-Man, Baron Blood, Master Man, and Warrior Woman under her mental control as the Super-Axis. The Human Torch trails Blood's fog effect to Chinatown and upon spotting the "House of Lotus" storefront, figures it's worth investigating. He meets Lotus, but isn't prepared for her hypnotic powers. She easily convinces him he's in love with her.

The other Invaders are worried twelve hours later with no word from the Torch, but hearing news of their villains attacking the Chicago railyards gives them no time to dwell on it. They fly over to meet the Super-Axis in battle, but the arrival of the hypnotized Human Torch turns the tide in the enemy's favor. While the Invaders have their hands full with their erstwhile ally, Lotus mentally prods the Super-Axis on to their next target. Namor picks up the entire Grant Park band shell and fills it with water from the lake to dump on the Torch, incapacitating him long enough for Captain America to talk some sense into him. With his mind recovered, the Torch passes on the information he got from Lady Lotus' last mantal commands so the Invaders can intercept the Super-Axis at Riverview Amusement Park, but the Torch himself continues on in the jet to back to New York to settle the score with Lady Lotus personally.

Prepared for her powers this time, the Human Torch shields himself from Lady Lotus' hypnotic gaze with screens of flame, forcing her to retreat while throwing her minions between her and her opponent, including Japanese soldiers as well as mind-controlled Chinatown residents made up to look like samurai and geisha. The Torch's firelight is able to remove the veil from the Chinese-Americans' minds, freeing them from her spell and allowing the rest of her gang to be rounded up by the police. With no hope of catching the ringleader after her getaway, the Torch hurries back to meet the rest of his team back in Chicago. Not that they need the help, as without Lotus' coordination, the Super-Axis quickly falls apart against the Invaders. Baron Blood is staked through the heart again by a makeshift javelin hurled by Namor, while U-Man, Warrior Woman, and Master Man are knocked out in their battles with Whizzer, Miss America, and Captain America across the attractions of the amusement park.

At the conclusion of the battle, the Super-Axis are handed over to the local authorities. With their threat ended, the Invaders' time in the States comes to an end. They bid farewell to Whizzer and Miss America and fly back to London to reconvene with Spitfire and Union Jack. While back on the streets of Chinatown, Lady Lotus is surprised to run into the legendary Yellow Claw and his young niece. The old man commends her for her efforts, but criticizes her premature action, suggesting that his own plans to conquer the United States may yet take decades to see fruition.

Appearing in "Okay, Axis -- Here We Come!"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Okay, Axis -- Here We Come!"

2-page pinup of the Invaders.


  • Shooter is credited as consulting editor.
  • Albers is credited as Diane Albers.


  • Diana in this issue appears be very similar to DC's golden age heroine: Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman.

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