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Appearing in "Red Skull in the Sunset!"

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Synopsis for "Red Skull in the Sunset!"

The Invaders (minus Bucky) unexpectedly attack and destroy an American defense plant while proclaiming allegiance to the Nazis. In a meeting with the President, FBI Agent Bill Stuart recounts how days earlier he had gathered the Invaders to take part in a War Bond parade arranged and financed by the industrialist Mr.Lyles. During their discussion, Bucky and Toro were looking over the comic books based on their exploits and the group considered the availability of America's other superheroes, including Patriot, Whizzer, Fin, and Miss America. At the parade, agents of the Red Skull attacked, but the Invaders quickly dispatched them. The Red Skull then appeared in a massive image in a floating portal in the sky. The Invaders attempted to fight, but the portal simply swallowed them up one-by-one, leaving Bucky, whom the Skull considered beneath his notice. Bucky was left in shock since the incident and the Invaders were next seen attacking the plant. After the recap, a recovered Bucky bursts into the Oval Office with a plan to deal with the Invaders that he'll only tell the President, but he and Stuart won't take him seriously.


  • Cover art: sketch by Hannigan.[1]
  • In this issue, the Red Skull is disguised as the industrialist Mr. Lyles.


  • The defense plant is depicted as being staffed seemingly entirely by able-bodied men that would have been drafted at this point in the War. Most of the factory workers would have been women.

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