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Appearing in "...And Let the Battle Begin!"

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Synopsis for "...And Let the Battle Begin!"

Continued from Marvel Premiere #29.

The Liberty Legion sets out fighting nazi spies in the northeast United States, frustrating the Red Skull until he issues a challenge to the Legion by sending the mind-controlled Invaders to attack different American landmarks. Jack Frost and Blue Diamond repel Namor at the Statue of Liberty, Miss America and Patriot stop Captain America at Independence Hall, and Whizzer and Red Raven intercept the Torches at the Lincoln Memorial. When the Red Skull orders each of them to withdraw, the Liberty Legion relay the escaping Invaders' headings to Bucky and Thin Man back in New York, where they hope to triangulate the location of the Skull's hidden base. Just as they think they've succeeded, they look out the window and spot the Human Torch flying straight for them.

Continued in Marvel Premiere #30...


  • This issue contains a letters page, "O.K. Axis Here We Come!". Letters are published from Warren R. Edge, Bryan McDaniel, H. Keating DuGarm, Jr., and Gene McDaniel.
  • As seen on page one, This story is Story # JV-235.

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