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Quote1.png You know, chaps -- I think we've made history here tonight -- and the reverberations will be felt all the way to the heart of Berlin! Quote2.png
-- Union Jack

Appearing in "Union Jack Is Back!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • David Lloyd George (Only in flashback)
  • German soldiers (Only in flashback)
  • British soldiers (Only in flashback)
  • Hotchkins




Synopsis for "Union Jack Is Back!"

At dinner, Falsworth tells the story of his first, inconclusive encounter with Baron Blood at the end of the Great War. Jacqueline gets upset at the insinuation that he misses the action of war considering that her mother died in the Blitz. The Invaders make a plan to scour London for Baron Blood so that the Falsworth family can rest easy, not realizing that Baron Blood is privy to their plans, being present disguised as John Falsworth.

The next night the Invaders split up on their search. The Torches get knocked out of the sky by an exploding Baron Blood decoy balloon while Namor gets gassed by another decoy over the Thames. Cap and Bucky find the real Baron Blood at the site of the previous attack, but he defeats them. Before Baron Blood can finish the captured Invaders off, Union Jack appears and drives him away with his silver weaponry. Union Jack then asks to join the Invaders and they accept, but Cap and Torch worry about how Jacqueline will take the news that her father is getting involved in another war.


  • Flashback sequences from this issue take place in the year 1918.


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