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Synopsis for "An Invader No More!"

When the Invaders return to Falsworth Manor, Jacqueline lashes out at Captain America and Union Jack when she learns her father has returned to action, just as she feared. However she quickly collapses and a fresh vampire's bite is revealed on her neck. The Invaders realize that Baron Blood must know Union Jack's secret identity and is coming after his family for revenge, although nephew John is conspicuously unharmed and unaware of the attack that occurred in the mansion earlier that night.

The Invaders plan again to split up across London with Union Jack recommending the route, but Captain America orders him to stay behind and watch over Jacqueline. Once again Baron Blood overhears the plans as John and as soon as the Invaders take off, he begins to enact his revenge against his brother. He renders Union Jack helpless with his hypnosis and goes to take Jacqueline first. He reveals to her his secret identity and history, how when the previous Lord Falsworth died leaving James his heir, the younger Falsworth brother traveled Europe, ending up in Transylvania and invading Castle Dracula in hopes of turning the legendary vampire to his will, only to become an undead slave to Dracula himself.

Before Baron Blood can claim Jacqueline, the Human Torch bursts in, revealing that he suspected John Flasworth already and that the Torch that flew off earlier was a flame image created by Toro. Baron Blood abducts Jacqueline and a recovered Union Jack chases him while Torch recalls the other Invaders. Baron Blood takes Jacqueline to the cave where he and his brother used to play as kids. Union Jack corners him there and they engage in their final battle, which seems to end when the vampire crushes the hero's leg under a boulder. The other Invaders arrive to help and Captain America manages to get Jacqueline away from Baron Blood just before the boulder Union Jack pries off of himself rolls over the edge and knocks his brother onto the stalagmites at the bottom of the cave, impaling his heart and reducing him to bones.

With one threat ended, the Invaders still need to worry about Jacqueline, who has lost a lot of blood.


  • Baron Blood will be revived before the end of the War. His next appearance is in Invaders #39.

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