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Synopsis for "Fix Me, Part 1"

In a flashback, Otto Octavius and Tony Stark meet for the first time at the Technology of the Future Symposium.

In the present, Tony and Timothy Cababa review their designs to rebuild Asgard. Later, Tony appears on Shownight to discuss his repulsor-powered car and his motivations for starting Resilient. After the show airs, Doctor Octopus attacks him with an Octobot. Iron Man goes to retaliate, but Doctor Octopus threatens to detonate a nuclear weapon over the city.

In flashback, Octavius and Stark debate each other at a bar. Octavius argues in favor of catering to the military-industrial complex. Stark argues for the pursuit of ideas and speculation.

In the present, Octavius reveals that he is dying from brain damage. He challenges Stark to fix him, or admit that he cannot solve the problem. If Stark refuses to do either, Octavius will trigger the bomb. For additional leverage, Electro and Sandman capture Timothy Cababa.

Solicit Synopsis

Why should Tony Stark be the one to benefit from all of his technology? What right does Stark have to keep his miracles to himself? A familiar threat in other corners of the Marvel Universe comes demanding answers- -- and salvation -- from Iron Man. And because it's not enough to remake the world with free and limitless energy, Stark Resilient goes after the challenge of remaking another world: ASGARD. By Matt & Salva & Frankie & Joe.


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