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Quote1.png They're not statues. I keep telling myself again and again. They're bodies. We're not blowing up rocks or bad public art. These are people. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Fear Itself Part 1: City of Light, City of Stone"

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  • Bethany Cabe's yacht

Synopsis for "Fear Itself Part 1: City of Light, City of Stone"

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Mysterious objects crash land around the world. In Paris, the Grey Gargoyle sees one fall and approaches it. Meanwhile, at Stark Resilient, Tony and Pepper argue about hiring Bethany Cabe as Security Chief.

Tony flies off to investigate the object that landed in Paris. He finds that almost all the people have been turned to stone. Grey Gargoyle arrives, having been transformed into Mokk, Breaker of Faith. The two of them fight through the city. Iron Man is repeatedly thrown into the stone bodies, shattering them. Mokk eventually beats him unconscious.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN FEAR ITSELF reaches its hand deep into the heart of the City of Lights! Iron Man races to Paris, France, to encounter one of "The Worthy" waiting there for him. How will the ultimate man of science react to a city turned to stone? And if that weren't bad enough, the world is going mad as the avatars of the Serpent begins start their rampages. How resilient is Resilient? How strong is iron?


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