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Quote1.png This isn't a bad guy. This isn't a villain. This is something monstrous and magical. Beyond science; beyond reason. This is the face of a miracle. A real and true and tragic-beyond-imagination miracle. Quote2.png
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "Fear Itself Part 2: Cracked Actor"

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Synopsis for "Fear Itself Part 2: Cracked Actor"

The issue begins with a flashback, between a young Tony Stark, and his father, who lectures him on the costs of waging war.

In the present in Paris, France Tony finds himself on a pile of the scattered statue like corpses left behind by Mokk.

Tony Stark is faced with the carnage that is Paris, France.

Clearly shaken by the devastating casualties inflicted by Mokk, Tony tries to fight off the magically powered villain but finds himself unable to really damage it. The fight is interrupted however by the appearance of Doug Johnson in his Detroit Steel suit. In an ill-fated attempt at oneupmanship Johnson's suit is torn apart and Mokk turns him to stone with his Grey Gargoyle gaze. Tony attempts to wound the monster with an energy blade from his suit, an attack that seems to actually wound Mokk, but due to catastrophic damage to his suit he is forced to flee back to Stark Resilient.

While at the office Tony swipes a bottle of alcohol from under the nose of Pepper Potts, flying off into the night, implying Tony's slide back to his dangerous alcoholism.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! As the Iron Man cast reels from last issue’s stunning events, the Golden Avenger himself begins to unravel at the seams! But when fear begins to wrap its icy fingers around the globe and the people need Iron Man more than ever, will Tony Stark be able to answer the call?


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