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Quote1.png I tell myself -- that I hate being drunk again. Well. It's just not true. Because I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Quote2.png
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "Fear Itself Part 3: The Apostate"

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Synopsis for "Fear Itself Part 3: The Apostate"

Tony Stark, inebriated for the first time in years, summons Odin the AllFather with a desperate plea. He begs Odin to allow him to use Asgardian magical re-courses to design weapons that the people of the Serpent besieged Earth could use to fight off the nearly invincible Worthy. Odin allows Stark access to Svartalfheim, the forges of Asgard where he meets Splitlip, the Dwarven master of the forge who agrees to help Tony build his new weapons.

Tony Stark enters Svartalfheim for the first time.

Meanwhile on Earth Pepper Potts dons her Rescue armor to fly into France in an attempt to stop Mokk in his rampage. At the same time Justine Hammer and the Hammer Battle group plan the same thing, ordered by the U.S. military to intervene in Paris. Once they're in the city the Hammer Battle Group attack Pepper in her armor, while Mokk watches from the shadows.

In Svartalfheim Tony enjoys the effects of his intoxication while working alongside the dwarves there, even going as far as to briefly brawl with an unpleasant one named Tooth. He sinks even further into his alcoholism by having a drink with them.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! As Tony Stark falls apart and struggles to rebuild, the world needs Iron Man in action, in battle, out there saving the day. Tony’s constructing the future of Asgard and the Marvel Universe, but if he can’t even save can he save anyone else? It all gets personal, as Tony has to face his greatest fear once and for all.


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